Extra seelings..Donate em'

ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))April 4, 2009

Here it is a 2'fer for anyone in Southern MA.

I work for Costco in Avon .We do a Children s Hospital fundraiser in May.

I am going to have about 75 veggie herb starts that need a home.Last year I begged ppl to take em.

This yr I told the boss I'd donate them for a plant sale the funds will go to the Hospital.

I dunno how many WS babies I am bringing yet. But I know it will be a good place for them instead of languishing waiting for me to plant them or give them away..

So if you want to Save some kids AND some seedlings I am very happy to make sure you do not end up with guilt over letting your poor WS babies die in the container. and go to a good cause.

They do not have to be anything "special" anything that is able to be planted out is appreciated.What ever info you have on it is helpful. I plan on printing WS info and passing that along and info sheets on what ever seedlings i end up with.

The email is open or reply here . Thanks for looking

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