Bean woes -- Not a SINGLE bean planted yet.

denninmi(8a)June 7, 2010

Of any kind (well, except Favas planted in March).

Between lack of time, too much to do, and weather woes (all it does is RAIN here this year), I haven't planted ANY beans at all yet.

My bean row is all waiting, trellis structures up, holes ready to go in the plastic.

I should be OK if I can get them in the next couple of days. I'm just going to direct sow instead of sowing in flats, with the possible exception of winged beans and sword beans which need the extra heat the greenhouse will provide.

Wish me luck! Thanks.

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I just directly sowed some beans (bush and pole) this past weekend. I still have more bush beans to plant. I'm hoping to get them in sometime this week. I understand your woes. Work is crazy busy (which is a good thing but I usually take a few days off to get the garden in.) Memorial Day weekend we had HOT dry weather. Now we've had amazing rains and cool weather. The bugs have been amazing this year. I usually don't get bothered too badly from bugs, but I have some amazing welts on my arms from bug bites (deer flies.)

Last year I was still planting beans 4th of July weekend! I still got a decent crop of bush beans.

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Well, I'm glad to say that I planted the bulk of my pole beans Monday night. We've had tons of rain, and it's going to be hot and steamy and stormy this weekend, so I'm pretty confident I'll be OK, too.

I've got more to go, but it was a good start.

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

i am in the same situation here, in the thumb.
lots of rain has kept the garden wet. couldn't rototill until late may. went on my annual canadian fly in fishing trip. the weather here was sunny and nice, ideal for planting, came back just in time for more rain. i have seeds for several varieties started in inserts, while i get the planting area tidied up. i plant on a fence surrounding the garden, and need to get rid of grass along the edge. had a similar problem last year. the day after i planted seeds, we had about 4 days straight of rain. not too many came up initially. i had to replant most of them.
always something.


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I got a little more planting done on tuesday. I have another row of bush beans to go and might try some cow peas too. I'm hoping to have them in by the end of the weekend. Glad you've been able to get out there and do some planting. I need to check tonight to see what's coming up and what's water logged and needs to be replanted.

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Good luck everyone getting their beans planted!

I was able to get my bean plantings done over the last two Saturdays with some beautiful weather and getting up early. I am 100% planted in my main garden and only have 10 plants in a secondary garden to get planted. Now my worry is getting in to weed, because with the rains we have been having.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

It looks like everyone is having rain woes, so far, so good here. The weatherman is promising a few days of sunny warm weather here after weeks of light to heavy rain. Surprisingly enough my beans are hanging in, the few I started in pots as replacements are really doing well. I think next year I'm going to start all my beans in the greenhouse. Slugs and snails are a big problem this year :(.
The rice beans I have in containers are flowering but not forming any beans, maybe when the sun comes out?


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Well, after going through some bad drought years (1988 was the worst, but there have been others), I resolved not to complain about having rain. I just wish it could break the pattern of always raining on the weekends when I count on being able to get things done.

If I weren't blind as a bat without glasses (and unable to wear contacts)I'd probably just put on rain gear and go plant in the rain. But, it just doesn't work for me.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Pretty much the same situation here, Denninmi. Tilled the gardens in May, and had a dry window to get everything in... then suddenly found myself on 60-70 hour weeks, with little time to plant. Got my home plots completely planted, some beans & soybeans in my rural plot, and started more beans indoors during the rains; but still only about 50% done. Hoping that the rain holds off, and that I can get a free Saturday this month!!!

Fortunately, some of the beans I was most interested in are in my home plot, such as Dean's "Bosnian Yellow Pole" and "Succotash". Got quite a few soybeans in before the rain, and have had really great germination (even from 5-year-old seed!) so hoping it will finally be a good year for my preservation efforts.

The biggest toll so far has been on my yardlong beans, which are also behind in my preservation efforts, after two years of failures. I don't normally start them until the weather looks good 7-10 days downline, so I can get them in the ground shortly after germination. They don't do well if left in the greenhouse too long. Had one chance on Memorial Day, but couldn't get them started early enough to make it; probably just as well, given how cool it has been since. I'll be starting them tomorrow.

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This has been a difficult year so far here in the PNW too with record rains and temperatures far below normal.

I started dozens of plants in peat pots in mid-May and planted them and the rest of the (sprouted) beans the last weekend in May. It rained almost constantly since then until yesterday when the temperature finally made it up to the mid 70s.

I checked the bean patch this morning and the word "desolation" came to mind. Most rows have very few plants and the few survivors have been chewed up by something. I could not find a single slug in in the bean patch. Big mystery.

To try and avoid what looks like almost complete crop failure, I can replant and hopefully temperatures will be high enough so they can sprout but it pretty late to expect some varieties to do much. - Dick

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Something is chowing down on some of my beans too. Since the chewed leaves are close to the wooden edge of the raised bed and there's no slime trails I suspect it's pill bugs.


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Well, I'm glad to say the beans I planted last week are all popping up now.

They only have to survive the onslaught of bunnies, woodchucks, and deer!

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