Oriental & Asiatic Lilies

jenbplus3(8)May 31, 2011

I planted both Asiatic & Oriental lilies in April this year. All the plants were already full grown and blooming when I planted them, I didn't start from a bulb. Since then, the blooms have all fallen off and it doesn't look as if the plant is going to bloom again. I have kept the soil moist and well drained, fed them regularly, and mulched around them. On impulse, I cut them back thinking this was what you were supposed to do to keep them blooming through the summer. Probably the wrong thing to do. Will they not rebloom this year? Have I gone to far to bring these plants back?

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Lilies do not rebloom. They bloom once a year.
By cutting the foliage you reduced the chance for the next year blooming. The green foliage feeds the bulbs. It should only be cut when it is completely dry and brown.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Some longiflorum hybrids (not asiatics or orientals) may rebloom, but it is a longshot. Certain reliably reblooming lilies are in the works, but none on the market that I know of, and none are asiatic or oriental.


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So...should I dig them up and replant indoors? I'm wondering if I've damaged them beyond repair. I read somewhere that I can cut them back to the bulb and plant them in a container pot to try to get them back to being healthy. The top of the stem where the flowers were is now turning brown and the leaves are starting to either wilt or turn upwards:(

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Oh my... Where you read this? It is a complete nonsense...

Lilies are not indoor plants. Leave the bulbs in the ground till next year. Asiatics are tough, they might bloom for you. Orientals are unlikely to be reliable perennials in your zone. In my zone 6/7 they act like annuals. You might also try Orienpet Lilies - great performers for me.

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marquest(z5 PA)

From what you are saying you purchased a pot of blooming lilies. I have seen them in the stores and they have incorrect info in the pots. I think these people should be in court. They are leading people to think these are indoor blooming plants.

Alina they are saying cut them back and they will bloom again. But if you do not know you would think they are going to bloom again in the same year. Vague info that only an experienced gardener would know that they mean next year.

jenbplus3, the correct info should be.....

After the plants finish blooming and the leaves die. Cut the plant down and they will bloom next year.

The Asiatic bloom in the Spring. The Orientals will bloom later either early summer or late summer. You will probably have blooms for 2 to 3 weeks from each plant but they only bloom once during that period and will come back the following year. They need a cool period to bloom the next year is the reason they should be planted outside.

If you want to grow them in pots you will need to keep the pot outside in a protected area that it will get cold but not too much moisture so the bulb will not rot from being cold and wet.

At this point do not water let them dry in the pot and finish browning. If you keep it moist the bulb will rot.

I hope this helps.

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marquest is absolutely right with the detailed response.
I can only add that the cold period (vernalization) in your zone 8 might not be enough for Lilies to bloom.
Also, moisture is not necessarily bad. If the pots or flower beds have a good drainage, the bulbs will be fine. Some of my Lilies are in pots for years. The soil gets really soggy after heavy rains, but for a very short period of time. I try to keep it evenly moist.

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Thanks so much for the great information!

Marquest - when you say cut the plant back, do you mean cut it back to the ground, or to the bulb? As a novice gardener, I am completely ignorant when it comes to how to properly "cut back" plants. Thanks so much for your help!

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You are not supposed to dig the bulbs after the foliage dies unless the clump needs a division. So, you have cut dry foliage to the ground. I prefer to leave 2-3" of stems above the ground to mark the location where the bulbs are.

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In my garden, after the blooms are spent I cut the stalk by half, and then leave it till it turns yellow. This can take till September. The stalk needs to stay put while it's green in order to feed the bulb. After it starts to turn yellow it has entered dormancy and can be cut at ground level to tidy up the flower bed.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I cut the flowers off above the first leaves and then leave the stalks alone until completely dead and dry which takes months.

I plant my lilies among shrubs and perennials so the stalks without flowers on top aren't so visible.

Potted blooming bulbs do not bloom all summer like annuals do. When they are done they are done for the year except sometimes Easter lilies will grow up and bloom again but it is a short weird bloom.

If you want to buy potted blooming bulbs, buy them in bud so they last longer. Fully open ones don't last but a week, if that, indoors. Lilies are garden flowers and belong outdoors.

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