newly potted martagon not showing

rebaru(z5 QC)May 3, 2006

i bought a martagon bulb and a black beauty in mid-march, and potted them up to get ahead. i got the martagon because i'm growing some from seed, and this one was to give me hope. the black beauty came up fast and is already tall, but the martagon hasn't shown.... should i check it in the pot to see if it's alive, or just wait till it's time to plant it out at the end of the month?

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Even in the garden, they will sometimes sulk for a year before coming up and blooming. I'd plant the bulb in the garden and let it establish. It may or may not come up, but as long as you obtained a bulb from a reliable source, it should be just fine.

Good luck!


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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

Yes. My bulbs took nearly 2 years to show themselves above the ground! It was a nice surprise, because I'd given up on them.

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Well that's reassuring! I planted my first martagon last year and haven't seen a peep of it yet and was getting worried. But a question, can you plant them too deeply and them not show as well? I'm such a worry wart!

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I planted some Martagons about three years before I saw any sign of them. Okay, so they aren't in the most optimal spot, but boy was I surprised this year when these gigantic plants started emerging!

Usually I buy my Martagons "already started" from Klehm's Song Sparrow, but now they have gone to just sending dormant bulbs, too. Mrs. R.O. Backhouse is a positive gorilla of a Martagon, far more aggressive than the species.


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