tiny white worm in stargazer lily bug

gottagarden(z5 western NY)May 19, 2009

I noticed today that some of my stargazer lilies had their top leaves stuck together. Inside I found a tiny white worm/caterpillar in a sticky cocoon that had eaten holes through the leaves to reach the center.

I've googled this and found nothing. What is this? It's destroyed the blooms on at least 4 of my stargazers. I haven't even begun to look at the rest of my lilies. Afraid of what I will find.

Thanks in advance

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curios(z5/6 NJ)

i've found this tiny caterpillar on my lilies as well. they eat through the stems just at point where buds start
to form. bud group would be cut through and on ground. couldn't figure it out, until i happened upon one of the

last year i added bayer dry and liquid grub control to
soil when they first started growing. this year i found
only 2. i've learned that close inspection is the best way to thwart them. because they're so tiny, they're
difficult to find. look for black dots of poop -- a sure sign that something is on them. also if lilies bend away from sun at the start of bud area, check to see if they've been eaten. separate the leaves surrounding buds to see
if one is there. do by all means check your other lilies. even if they've been slightly eaten they will bloom.

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I have found these today!! one escaped and move so quick just like a snake that I lost it.

Two have been found in my Orientals and 4/5 In my Asiatics,all too late to be saved, I have also found them in the base of my day lilies How can I control them?? What can I spray on them??

The Mosquitoe and Deer fly have driven me in now but I shall search again in the morning

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