Squirrel broke off top 3 inches of emerging Oriental Lily

ptwonlineMay 13, 2014

So I have a newly planted Salmon Star Oriental Lily and a squirrel broke off the top 3 inches--2 inches out of the ground, 1 inch below. Snapped it right off.

So what now? Will the lily recover on its own, or is there something I need to do at this point?

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The growth tip is gone so it won't flower this season. Might push out more stem and leaves though. Disappointing, but let it go through its normal cycle because whatever remaining stem and leaves will be needed to feed and replenish the bulb for next season - the browning stem in the fall will also stand as a reminder as to where the bulb is and to cage it or take other preventative measures against squirrels, rabbits, etc. early next season as the lily first emerges.

A real setback, but the bulb itself will be fine if left as it is.

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Ok thanks


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Same here...Mine had grown about 18" but something just clipped the top 3" off. Can't say for sure what it was but it was so strange to see that. I'll leave the remaining growth for making food of course, but no flowers from that stalk!

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