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johnsaunt(7)May 25, 2006

I'm trying to plant some Oriental lily bulbs I got today and it's gettng dark so I hope I can get a fast reply. Two of the bulbs have mildew on some of the scales. Just in one or two places on each. Should I plant them as is? Should I remove the mildewed scale? Scrape the mildew off? Help!


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hld6(z7 MD)

I've never had mildewed bulbs, but I know bulbs can lose a few scales without ill effects. So if you decide to pull them off that would be OK.

More importantly, is the basal plate firm? The basal plate is where the scales attach at the bottom of the bulb, and where the roots grow from. Lilies can suffer from basal rot.


Does anyone know if bulbs can safely be soaked in dilute bleach solutions? (That would kill the mildew - and is used with lily seeds - but I'd want to be sure it didn't harm the bulb before I tried it.)

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Sometimes the anti-fungal powder that the nursery puts on the bulbs looks like mildew.

If your bulbs actually have mildew, it should not significantly hurt them unless, as Helen says, the basal plate is affected. Even then, lilies are survivors.

I've planted several lilies that were slightly mildewed with no ill effects. It doesn't hurt to take a chance, your only other alternative is to not plant them, and have no chance for lilies at all. Given that option, I'll plant every time.


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