good beans to plant for fall harvest?

charmedJune 30, 2009

Hello all. I'm pretty new to vegetable gardening. In the past I've had tomatoes and peppers in pots, and last year and this year I've added cukes, squash, dragon tongue beans, and some herbs. I planted the beans only because my kids found some that I'd saved from years ago when I worked on a csa -- to my surprise, 4 out of the 9 that we planted sprouted and are now growing nicely. I don't know if we'll get a harvest or not, but I thought it'd be fun to try planting some more beans for a fall crop. I'm especially fond of eating fresh limas and fresh favas, but am open to anything really. I'd appreciate any advice on what might be a good bean to plant in zone 7 (Baltimore City to be exact) for a fall crop, and also the best time to plant it -- any ideas? Thanks very much!

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Any reasonably early bush bean should work.

I'm in zone 7 in North Carolina and my ag agent said that beans should be planted here in May once the soil is warm then again in late July when the nights begin to cool.

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Here in the deep South we plant a shellie we call, "October Bean". We plant in mid July for harvest in October. They are a bush bean but may have short runners. It appears to be an oversized pinto and is very delicious when picked mature but tender. They're OK as a greenbean but not as good as Roma II in my opinion.
The nearest I've found in the seed catalogs is French Horticulture.

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Last year I planted Derby & Purple Queen snap bush beans in mid July. Both did great and produced like gang busters!

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Thanks for the suggestions all -- I found another packet of the dragon tongues in my freezer, so I'm going to try them and also look for the varieties recommended above.

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ppod(6 SE NY)

Since you're in the South, I'm going to point you in the direction of some great resources of information on Southern heirloom beans (and a few places to purchase seeds).
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center
Southern Seed Legacy

Hope you chose to grow some of these beans.

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