brian6464(4a)June 11, 2014

I planted two rows of Edamame 2 weeks ago and none of the seed has come up while almost all my other been seeds are up. Anyone know if this is normal or maybe the seeds were just bad?

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Have not had any problems with soybean germination including edamame. They may take a few days longer than a common bean when conditions are good. They don't like cold wet soil and need higher temps than common beans, so typically they are planted several weeks later than the first planting of common beans. Bad seed may be a possibility, but I would suspect soil conditions first.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Ditto on Farmerdill's comments... while bad seed is possible, soil conditions are the most likely culprit. I put in several soybeans this year just before drenching day-long rains, and germination has been poor. Those in the lowest, wettest spot rotted.

Two weeks is a bit long, but cool conditions can delay germination. If you are Zone 4a, I'm guessing that you might have experienced some of the same heavy rainfall which hit central Wisconsin. You could try (gently) digging up a few seeds to see what's going on; if they are dead, it is not too late to replant soybeans for edamame.

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

On 4/26, I planted some Disoy soybean and not a single seed germinated. Right next to the Disoy I planted the Edamame - Butterbean and got almost 100% germination. So in my case I believe it was bad seed or the Disoy needs warmer soil than the Edamame.

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