lilies and frost

amocMay 3, 2008

Hi all,

I have planted many lilies last fall, some asiatic, orientals, some orienpet and some heirloom. With the recent warm weather up here all came up, but for some, the tip froze and wilted... Unfortunately, I did not keep notes and I do not know which ones did that. Most of the other are still healthy. What will happen to those affected? Will the plants survive? will they bloom?

Thanks much,


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Likely will not bloom this season. Think the bulbs will survive the same as if the shoot were mechanically broken (stepped on, etc. - see other posts about that).

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I was wondering the same. Most of mine look just fine but I have two or three that have discolored from the frost. They are not soft or mushy (like they would be in the fall after a frost) just discolored. Will they flower this year?

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hld6(z7 MD)

Stalks that are just discolored should be fine and even tips that die off (if not too far) may be OK. If they died back to the center of the tip where the buds woul emerge then you won't get a bloom this season.

For now leave them be. Let them grow as much foliage to feed the bulb as possible. Not blooming is a bummer for you but is not bad - even good - for the bulb as long as the stalk grows enough leaves for photosynthesis to build it up. Blooming is nothing but an energy user for bulbs.

Even if they don't grow many leaves, bulbs store a lot of energy, and so can come back after a rough year (albeit smaller).


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Same thing here, but mine completely frosted and are now slush on the ground. There is no stalk left to feed the bulb. Will the bulb send up another spike next year?

We just had freakish weather - super warm for a week, then hard, hard frost to kill the new growth.

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