Bunnies have eaten all the leaves

mary_md7May 28, 2013

The baby bunnies born in our yard and growing up in our woodpile (we think) have eaten all the leaves off my asiatic lilies. I've put down blood meal and bought some chicken wire that we'll use to surround them.

Is it likely the stalks will grow taller and make more leaves to absorb energy to feed the bulbs for next year?

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Rabbits can be devastating to lilies. There's not much hope for taller new growth this year. Keep whatever stem and leaves you have (as is) 'till Fall when they go dormant. it won't kill the bulb, but your plants will be smaller next year. You'll have to install a chicken wire or rabbit fence because it's either the bunnies or the lilies, the two don't mix. Rabbits can also spread plant viruses when they go from plant to plant munching along.

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So very sorry....I feel your pain. I loose lilies every year to rabbits. I try and surround most in chicken wire and that helps. But, last year the voles ate the bulbs! I am no longer adding lilies to my garden. I love them so much, but can not fight Mother Nature. Lesley

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This is my first year at this house and I've been busy planting new beds. 3 days ago I planted two Asian/Oriental lilies. They are at their mature heights and have lots of buds.

We have several resident rabbits who've eating my blackeyed susans and purple cone flowers as new growth comes up. We are making progress on these by spraying deterrent and covering plants with little cages of chicken wire.

Question: should I quickly make a large cage to cover these two lilies? Or because they are at mature height will they leave them alone? Two large cages will not be an attractive thing!! Thanks!

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