orange blackberry lilies

wert9wert(z10FL)May 12, 2006

Planted some orange blackberry lily seeds two weeks ago. Does anyone know how long they will take to sprout? (planted 50 seeds in jiffy pots)


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They take quite a while. I grew some from seed a few years ago and if I remember right, it took them up to four weeks to sprout. Keep them warm and don't let the soil dry out.


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Thank you so much Lainey. I even took one seed out and scraped the side thinking that it needed that. Every morning I get up and look at I know all is still well. Thanks again.


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They can take a month or even longer to sprout. I put my seed all in one container and after they are up a couple of inches, take them out and wait til the next seeds are up. When all done, I dump the dirt in a pot outside and have had seeds come months later. Don't give up too soon!

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Thanks Pams - it's three weeks now and not a sprout. I've got each seed in one of those one-step seed starters, they're small round discs that expand when they are soaked in water. I won't give up though - other seeds and cuttings have sprouted and been planted already, but these lilies are sure taking a long time. Guess it's a good way to learn patience!


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Just wanted to let yáll know that I got three tiny sprouts started from my blackberry lillies - HOORAY!!!!!

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