Can Asiatics take more than half a day of shade?

linnea56(z5 IL)May 28, 2007

My husband decided to trim the lower branches off a 20 year old upright blue juniper because they had been damaged by snow weight. In 15 minutes I found I had over 16 square feet of new garden space! Wow! Considering all the other beds are stuffed, this is like a gift. Dirt with no grass in it! He even double dug it for me. Before I could get too excited, though, he attached strings to this "gift": no new plants: use or move what I have. (I guess he must have noticed all the flats in the back yard.)

I still have asiatic lily bulbs I couldn't squeeze in the main garden. This spot gets only morning sun; and is shaded after 11 am. Will the asiatics tolerate this?

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I have some that are in half day, morning sun and they bloom fine. They do however tend to lean toward the light.

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jeannejeanie(7 long island)

i have my yellow & red asiatic lilies under a juniper tree. they look great! so go for it

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The leaning toward the sun is a problem & I myself don't care for the look. Long stems all bent toward the sun is not pretty. I moved my shaded ones to full sun.

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I have all my lilies in part sun and they all do just fine.
L.Black Beauty, Orientals, Martagons, L. speciosum, L. regale, asiatics, and some dwarf tiger lilies. I find that bright light is sufficient. I use Bulbtone once a year on them. The ones that lean to the light are planted where they only get direct sun early in the morning, but are in bright overhead shade otherwise. The tigers want more sun, but the others do fine.

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