Sidney1515 . . . lemmeâ see that Mikado

Ludi _PA_7aJune 12, 2013

Hahaaaa . . . so as if slapped in the face today I figured out 2+2=4 (metaphorically speaking).


You posted a pic of your Mikado back in 2009.

Looooong story short . . . I bought my own Mikado last year because of your pictures alone.

THEN, Gesila sees your recent Behemoth post and gets the itch to explore look-a-likes . . . so I responded suggesting Mikado as a potential suitor . . .

I linked your old post from the google search to show her a mature specimen since mine is still a pip-squeak.

Then BAM . . . the light bulb went off and I figured out who you were (metaphorically speaking).

At the bottom of all this . . .

Can I ask pretty please for you to link us a new updated pic of you delicious Mikado.

Thank you so much in advance :)


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I went out to get a picture several hours ago but a strong storm system has been traveling through. I'm back on the internet but I don't know if it will last. . lol
Ludi, your are going to love that bad boy. . He's a looker at all stages (IMHO)
Here is Mikado this year . .not fully out yet.

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Oh wow. I think he is about to eat that hosta down front.
Sidney, I'm seeing a beautiful well tended well loved hosta there. Happy as a bug where he's planted.

Does it make seed pods?

Ludi, is this the potential suitor for one of your Three Graces?

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muktowngal(Z5 WI)


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Gesila(MI Z5)

Double, triple WOW!!!!


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


You should send that picture to Bob Axmear at the Hosta Library. The pictures they have there are nothing compared to yours.


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There's a link on the homepage of the hosta library where to send the photos. I sent one of my old time favorites, because I thought it looked a lot better than the current photos. I didn't expect him to put it on the main page, but he did. Send it. It's a beautiful hosta and a great photo.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Oh sweet Lord . . . IâÂÂm having palpitations . . . thatâÂÂs the one Sidney !!!

::sigh:: A most handsome specimen. Your plant is the reason I bought mine.

I have to ask . . . how old is he ?

I remember last year later in the summer someone posted that Bridgewood was having an end of summer sale and everything was 35% off.

So like any good budding hostasholic I perused the website. While searching I came across the name Mikado.

I had not heard much (if anything) about this hosta and was intrigued by the name . . . has a sultry, regal ring to it.

I began searching for mature specimens and that was when I tripped over SidneyâÂÂs old post.

That was the clincher . . . it went in my basket immediately.

It came to me as a very small one eyed plant, and yellow to boot (not sure where Chick had it growing that year).

Here he is in 2012

I overwintered him in his original nursery pot, and had I not ripped half of it off while trying to pry it frozen from the cement it probably wouldnâÂÂt have suffered minor root rot. I ended up removing about a third of his original root system this spring when I potted him up into a 1 gallon. They were brown and squishy. Same thing happens to orchid roots when they rot so I knew what to look for. There were still plenty of healthy white ones so I wasnâÂÂt too worried, and decided to learn from my mistake.

Here he is this year. Still a single eye, but bigger. I have a feeling I am going to have to wait for the leap year to really see some major growth.

This is one I am going to have a hard time being patient with. I want the raging hulk you have in your garden, but if there is anything to be learned from hostas and gardening . . . it is patience.

Thank you again so much for posting your pic. I hope you donâÂÂt mind, but it is my desktop picture at the moment and I swoon every time I turn on my computer now . . . itâÂÂs great !

Moccassin . best believe he is a suitor !!! Only the best for my ladies. ;)

Cheers to gorgeous hostas,


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