red carpet border lily question

treasureforu(NC 7)May 15, 2009

I just bought some flowers from Spring Hill nursery that are called Red Carpet border lilies and are listed as being a groundcover. Does anyone have any idea if these will spread? Seems to me if they work like most bulb plants that they might spread like a daylily but would not spread like a true groundcover. Any ideas? I just need to know so I can figure out where to plant them.


Oh, and my experience with Spring Hill is not horrible but not sure if I will use them again.

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Spring Hill and affiliated with it Breck's are among the worst online vendors... Check out their ratings on the Garden Watchdog. Reputable sellers always list scientific plant names, not made up names.
What they sell under the name of Carpet Lilies are Asiatic Lilies. They are definitely not a groundcover. Asiatics multiply quickly, so you will have bulblets growing around mother plants soon. You can transplant these bulblets to other parts of your garden. If you will not transpant them, old and young bulbs will form a clump; they will not spread. You can divide a clump every two or three years.

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Nancy zone 6

I've had bad luck with plants from Brecks, bulbs have always been fine if you aren't expecting anything fancy. They are cheap :) I have some of these, & as Alina said they are Asiatics that behave exactly as stated. Pretty & fast multipliers, definitely not a groundcover.

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I would not say that Breck's and SH's bulbs are cheap (even with their $25 off coupon). It is not a low price for small dehydrated unnamed Asiatics. You can buy fresher bulbs at any big box store in February at significantly lower price. Or, really nice named Lilies at Van Engelen/John Scheepers' at about same price.

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treasureforu(NC 7)

OOps! I had posted a reply to this post but I guess that it didn't get posted. I am fine with having to divide the plants myself and I am glad these aren't a true groundcover because many of those can be a nusiance. So can I divide them next year? Do you happen to know if hycinth would be the same way or will I need to let those bloom twice before I divide them?

Thanks for the great responses. I don't plan to use Spring Hill again because I have found more local resources. I know they have many complaints against them. Guess I got lucky.

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