Can anyone ID this lily

mandykolb15May 22, 2006

This is one plant I bought from Walmart recently. The tag said it was a pink pixie, but I also got an orange lily with the same tag (I don't trust Walmart's tags.). The pic is a little blurry, but you can see the main colors and the entire stalk. They seem like new stalks, the blooms are pretty small and don't have any scent. The main color is a nice pink, with a small area of yellow overlay in the center. The petals have many, small red/brown freckles that extend about 1/3 up the petal. The stamen are orange (or rather the pollen is orange).

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Does not look like a pixie to me. The color is close but the size of the plant it too tall. The pink pixie I have the foliage is only about 8" tall or 10" at the very most. They are a deep pink but the one you have may be deep pink but the pic does not show it. I know cameras vary in color produced. Maybe it is a Walmart special Pixie, you know how they are. If you can not find out the name I would call it that for fun!

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