How to dry pole beans

LeighBeeJune 2, 2012

So I'm new to gardening, and am figuring out what I'm doing by trial and error/google. :)

Our pole beans went crazy and before I knew it, had turned over ripe. I picked the green (but overripe) pods anyway, but now am wondering if I can salvage them to use later. My questions now are:

1. Can I shell and dry them? Will they taste good later?

2. Should I shell them now, and let the beans dry out, or

3. Should I leave them in the green pods (picked) pods and let them dry before shelling?

4. After drying, how do I store them, and how long will they be good?

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Freeze them instead. Shell out over mature beans and put them in quart ziploc bags in the freezer. They should be at the green mature stage to do this. If they are already dried out, then you can shell them and store them as dry beans for later use.


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