Any hope for Stargazer ?

pump_toad(z4 iowa)May 28, 2008

I planted a beautiful Stargazer last fall and it was coming up nicely but a iron garden ornament fell and broke it.I know nothing about this plant except that I liked it so wondering if it would have any other stems comming from the root?

Also, do they self seed as there looks like a small one with the same foliage comming up but not real close.


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hld6(z7 MD)

That bulb will not send another stem up this season but will probably come back next season just fine, if a bit diminished.

Your Stargazer probably did not self seed, and if it did the plants would not come true from seed (Stargazer is a hybrid). But Stargazer grows "bulblets" from the side of the bulb's basal plate or along the underground portion of the stem. These are "clones" of the parent plant.


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I agree with the second poster. Stargazers seem to be pretty tough. Mine multiply from little bulblets at the base offset an inch or more from the parent plant.

I'm wondering what is the best fertilizer for this kind of lily.

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

Thanks for the replies. I realized after I had sent my post that lilies have bulbs. Duh!
I am hoping I have a bulblet from Stargazer even it is a clone.Will be interesting to see what it does if anything. In the meantime I think I will look for another oriental as I was really impressed with my beautiful lily.

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