Stargazer lilys virused?

alyciaadamo(3/4)June 18, 2010

I have a few stargazer lilys that I got bagged from Walmart. Most I think are the pink stargazer and a couple are the white one. On some of them the leaves are looking weird like they are stressed or something. Only a couple have this I am pretty sure it is just the pink ones(no blooms) I planted them this spring, we had a frost that killed a couple of them but 7 out of the 17 survived. I believe 2 or 3 have this same markings. The white ones were planted with no foliage and they look like they are coming up fine(solid green leaves).

Is this a virus? Stress or just fine? I know nothing of Lilies and I know Walmart was a bad place to buy Hostas because of disease but thought these would be ok. Wrong thinking?

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Looks like typical chlorosis (iron deficiency) to me. Read about treatment here. I apply Ironite plus. Works well usually.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I agree that it looks like chlorosis. Oriental lilies of which Stargazer is one variety like a somewhat acidic soil. If the soil ph is to high they are unable to take up the iron that is in the soil...thus chlorosis.

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Thank you very much. I would have thought our soil was acidic anyway I live in one top blueberry states. I will put some miracle grow on there tomorrow and then I will try to add some compost this weekend. Hopefully it will help it.

Is Walmart and Lowes a good place to get Oriental Lilies? I would like a couple more I do love them. They smell so good!

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I've gotten several lilies from Lowes and they all seem happy and healthy. Walmart not so much, at least the ones near me don't really carry potted lilies except easters, I've only gotten bagged bulbs.

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Neither MiracleGro nor compost will not cure chlorosis. You have to apply iron supplement.
Hostaholic is right, soil acidity helps to consume iron, but there are many other factors too. We have slightly acidic soil here in MD, but chlorosis is a common thing. Fortunately, it is usually easy to treat.

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Can I get an iron supplement at Walmart or Lowes? Or do I have to order it online? I am pretty limited in where I get plants and plant supplements where I live.

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I beleive I bought Ironite Plus at Lowe's. It could be next to lawn fertilizers.

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I think I am going to have to buy a lot. I went around today looking at my plants and almost half of all my perennials look the same! Last year they were fine. Even my peonies that have been in the ground for three years seem to have this this year.

What causes soil to turn iron deficient? Is there a plant I could plant with everything that puts iron back IN the soil? Or do I just have to keep getting iron supplement for my gardens?

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Lack of acidity usually causes soil to be iron deficient. Sometimes, heavy rains change soil's PH.

Here is another article about chlorosis. Adding sulfur to the soil can help to make it more acidic.

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