What's getting my pole beans?

marymacJune 14, 2010

Help!!! There is something getting my pole beans. Not long after they emerge from the ground something snaps them off, and I have found some plants that have been growing and are completely pulled out by the roots. I have tried to watch for the varmint but all I ever see are Robins. Could they be doing this?. My mother in law once told me birds were getting her beans, but I just don't see Robins doing this. If it is birds how can I put a stop to it before they ruin my entire crop. I have replanted but it seems to be a losing battle.

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Sometimes an animal, bird or rodent, will see the bean skin on the cotyledons and grab it. Sounds like this might be what's happening. I have a similar problem with my free range chickens when I plant things outside of my fenced garden. I find that I can place a barrier, like some chicken wire over the plant, until it's established a bit. That helps. Another thing to try would be to get some large plastic cups and cut out their bottoms. Stick them over each little seedling. Perhaps if the varmint has to reach into the cup to get them, that'll deter him.

Tahlequah, OK

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

George that's an excellent idea, I'm going to file that one away and use next year. My beans are starting to climb their poles now so it looks like they're over the hump. It's been quite the spring here in the PNW, WET.


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