What asiatic lily is yellow and up-facing?

linnea56(z5 IL)June 20, 2007

I planted a new garden in 2004, and moved my only remaining lily bulbs in. They were supposed to be African Queen, which I had bought at a local lily society sale some years back (so I can't be sure of the real name). Nothing showed up from the transplant so I figured they died out for good. I planted new ones in the spring of 2005, all pink, peach, and white asiatics, and white or pink Orientals. Then a new lily shows up and blooms in 2006, and I thought I had my African Queen back, maybe after a few surviving scales had grown up. It started blooming again today and now I don't know what this is, or if it could have come from my old ones. The color is right but the form seems all wrong: given the fact that I don't remember the old lily all that well, just its color. The "new" one is bright warm yellow: not orange but a saturated intense yellow. It is very tall, much taller than the other asiatics that are starting to bloom right now. What has me scratching my head is that all the flowers are totally up-facing: straight up to the sky. The cluster of flowers at the top is like a candelabra: a wide-based triangle with point on top. Buds are opening with the bottom ones first. Maybe I got a stray bulb mixed in with those other lilies. It must be some type of asiatic since it's blooming now, but WHAT is it? Any guesses? Sorry I can't post a picture: camera problems.

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Sorry, but there are literally tens of Lilies that fit your description. Even with pictures it not easy to ID usually. Try to browse pictures at Holland growers' websites. They have largest selection. For example, this one helped me many times.

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