Lilium lancifolium (tiger lily)

kakyJune 2, 2008

Hello, and thanks for any help ... I've purchased some tiger lily bulbs and can't seem to find information about planting them! I know they are less picky than other lilies, need full sun, should not be planted near other lilies and even that they are poisonous to cats (kind of disturbing!). But I cannot find any info about how deep to plant them, how much to water them or what kind of fertilizer they need.

Thanks again!

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Tiger lilies are wonderfully easy. The pointy tip of the bulb should be about 6" beneath the soil line. Put them in, cover them up, water a little and that's it. Good drainage is important, too, so the bulbs don't sit in water and rot. Lily bulbs definitely do not like being over watered, so it might also be wise to plant them away from other plants that have heavy water requirements.

There are as many schools of thought as there are responders, but since the bulb itself provides everything the lily needs, I don't add additional fertilizer when planting.

As for cats - don't let your cat eat the bulbs of tiger or any other kind of lily.

The reason to keep tiger lilies at a distance from others is that they're rapid multipliers. The little bulbils that form in the leaf axils naturally drop and each one seems to sprout - giving you more blooming sized lilies in about three years. I have hundreds of tiger lilies and I often collect the bulbils to start a patch elsewhere in the yard.

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Thank you so much for your complete reply! Tiger lilies were my grandfather's favorite, so I'm really happy to have them!

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