Found a Lily growing wild .. what kind?

MzMolly65(7)June 24, 2012

Hello all,

I'm new to the board and have a question for anyone experienced in Lilies.

I found two of these growing wild in the ditches, no where near houses. They stand about 3ft tall. Very fragrant. Flowers are approx. 1.5 inches, bright yellow with reddish brown spots.

Either the bulbs were so small I couldn't see them or they were much deeper than I thought but neither one came up with any bulb. I'm hoping to propagate them using the leaves.

Please see attached pics. Would love to know more. I have my suspicions as to what species they are but waiting to hear from others.

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I believe this is a wild turk's cap lily (lilium superbum). I would love to know if these will propagate from leaves, please post success rate. Thanks, Kat

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I "think" they might be Lilium columbianum .. common wild lily in my location according to most of my internet research. Here's two of the links that I looked at,

I planted the leaves on June 24th and 4 days later, they are still strong and healthy with no signs of wilting, so I'm praying it's working.

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Adding ... I looked up the Lilium superbum you suggested and based on the photos and description, the one I found doesn't have the green centre like the Lilium superbum

There's an awesome picture of the green centre at this link

The ones I found are yellow/orange all the way to the centre and so is the Lilium columbianum.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Not sure where you live, MzMolly, but if you live where L. columbianum is native (and it does look like L. columbianum), then it cannot be L. superbum anyway. L. superbum is not native west of the Mississippi River.

Many (most?) wild Lilium species in the USA are protected by law. In many states if protected lilies grow on your own land, you can do as you please, but it is against the law to dig or pull them without the landowner's permission, if it is legal at all. (You would have to check your state's DNR listing for the species.) Fortunately L. columbianum is one of the more common western wild lilies. I don't know if it is protected where you pulled it or not. But some lilies are rare, and a hefty fine would be imposed (and rightly so!) if caught digging or pulling them. In fact, some are becoming rare BECAUSE people are digging (read: poaching) them!

So next time, maybe the better thing to do is photograph an unknown flower, and find out what it is before uprooting it.


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