Will these fluorescent lights work for a beginner?

AgtJenny24(7 NYC)April 24, 2012

Hi, I don't want to spend too much on my first set up since I read I can use shop lights and fluorescent tubes... I saw these plant/aquarium ones that say for indoor plants and aquariums...


Do you guys think 2 of these will work? Or do I really need a 40W one at least?

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AgtJenny24(7 NYC)

I found a 40W one as well...


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mistascott(7A VA)

That 20W is 600 lumens...you can get double that in a single $8 CFL. Two 40W seem decent (3200 lumens for $11). Enough to start some seeds. But there are more efficient setups available at Home Depot such as a T8 or T5 which generally gives you more lumens per watt. There is nothing particularly beneficial about an "aquarium" lamp -- just look for most lumens for the least cost.

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AgtJenny24(7 NYC)

According to this Seed FAQ on this forum, it says lights with warm spectrums would be beneficial in some bits, and these aquarium/plant ones seem to be the only ones with warm light... perhaps I can use one of these and put a different more efficient light on the second shop light socket?


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I would say use daylight fluorescent bulbs (T8, 40W) or cool white or a combination of both in each fixture. I would not waste my money on specialty lights, especially since both give off a fairly wide spectrum that will support plant growth very well.

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