Too late to plant?

wittyraven(4)June 5, 2013

I bought a few lily bulbs last month with every intention of planting them right away. But I'm in AK and we had some surprise frost among other garden emergencies and I just never got the chance to plant them(first year growing a large amount of plants on a new property and I have a 2 year old who likes to "help" lol). Anyways, just wondering if I can still plant them and get blooms this year and if not what should I do with them to preserve till next year?

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Lilies don't store well - they never go fully dormant - so planting them now is the preferred choice. You have a short but very intense growing season so there is a possibilty of bloom this season although I wouldn't count on it. But if they are Asiatic lilies so should come up and bloom just fine next year. If they are orientals, they are probably not hardy in your climate. I might consider potting these up and growing them on in a container. Then they could be stored in a protected location over winter.

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Okay thank you! I will go ahead and plant them in a pot then. What size do you think I need if I planted 3 bulbs in container?

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If it's an Asiatic, try for a container big enough to plant them 10-12" apart.

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LOL!! You don't need it that big :-) We pot up thousands of lily bulbs each season at my nursery - 3 bulbs per 1 gallon container. They can be quite close but best to have them not touching (actual size depends on size of bulb - premium sized bulbs typically demand their own individual container).

You can space them out a bit more when you do plant in the ground but even that's not really necessary. Lilies grow tall and skinny so they don't take up much real estate. And they look better in clusters than they do dotted here and there. Just keep the bulbs from touching each other in the ground and you are good to go!

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