A squirrel stole my iris!

redwolfdoc_z5(5)August 22, 2014

Found a new Purple Joy SDB uprooted today - got it at auction last week and planted it as part of a new grouping (Ominous Stranger, Thunderbird, Night Owl, and Purple Joy in front). I replanted it and made a mental note to put down some deer repellent first thing tomorrow morning, since it's supposed to rain tonight. Squirrels are my main problem, not deer, but the repellent should help. Anyways, not three hours later I was taking a walk around the yard, visiting the garden as I like to do, and.... it's gone! Just plain not there any more! Can't find it anywhere! Has anyone here ever had squirrels just uproot and make off with irises before? I'm really upset!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

You don't have voles or gophers do you?

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No, it's definitely squirrels. Here in southern Ontario we have a really aggressive population - they're known for being urban terrorists! On my university campus they actually chewed holes in window screens and let themselves into dormitories to steal food!

Another new iris went missing today but I found it slightly chewed and dumped in my herb planter.

I've tried Plantskydd. Wish me luck!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Holy moly. Marauders.

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Please don't have them teach this to my squirrels!

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