LED Gurus....need help!

tinwhiskerApril 16, 2014

I have a couple of identical 120w chinese lights. One got wet and about 1/2 the leds went out...using parts from the good one, through process of elimination I determined which component was bad. Its easily replaceable, but I can't find one to buy! I've been all through ebay and LED suppliers and cant find it. I think its a driver or a power supply. It has a dimmer on it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a compatible replacement?

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That is a power supply made by TaoTronics. I dont think that they sell just the power supply anywhere. I cant see the rest of the power supply to see what is compatible component wise, but if any 100 watt dimmable power supply should replace it. Again, it all depends on what how this one connects to the system.

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If you plan on buying a replacement, just make sure the current spec matches and voltage output is similar. It's an AC to DC converter, just a simple driver really.

Notice it says constant current, this means the driver will try to put out that amount of current - no less & no more. The voltage will settle to the amount determined by V = IR. So look for a driver that can do 90-120V output, and constant current 630mA (less is OK, you will get less light, more is NOT OK, you will burn out LEDs)

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