Depth of grow-light fixtures

StryverApril 8, 2013

Noob here... I wish to put a 4-bulb T5 fixture in a cabinet that can fit an 11" deep by 28 inch long fixture. The cabinet currently has 4 light america single T8 fixtures in it, and I cannot say enough horrible things about them. They started okay, but have died, and replacing bulbs is a pain, and fit tolerances are bad, etc....

Primary use is seed (herb, mostly basil) starting. Some houseplants that like a bit more light have visits to the light box as well. Once all the seeds are starting, it'll be the second stop for some Lantana cuttings.

I see a wide variety of light fixtures out there, but the dimensions on them seem to be iffy, at best. Most are 12 - 13 + inches. Sun Blaze 2x4 on Amazon lists something crazy like 6 inches, which I think is the width for their 2-bulb setup. The only fixtures I think I can reliably place at under 11 inches are fish-tank fixtures. I can figure out how to mount one of those to the top of my box, but I'd prefer something that will connect a bit easier.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Pro light might have a 4 bulb that will fit but for certain you could fit 4-24 inch individual sunblaster T5ho lights in there. They plug into each other so you would only need one cord to the lights. Only issue would be that you have to individually mount them but they also come with mounting kits. So for 20 minutes of work it could be accomplished.

I have a few of their lamps and do like them.

Here is a link that might be useful: sunblaster site

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