Yellow Eye Peas/Beans

bamagrit(8)June 7, 2009

A friend from North Carolina came to visit a couple of weeks ago and brought me a store bought bag of "Yellow Eye Peas"(so called on the package). I find what looks to be them called 'Steuben's Yellow Eye Beans' popular in the New England states. I'd like to grow some out and wonder how they'd do in the heat and humidity of Southeast Alabama? I'm goin' to plant some. Just wonderin' what to expect. Can they be used like Field Peas or are they better used as dry beans?

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There is a yellow eyed pea listed, a southern pea in the blackeye class but with yellow eyes. never encountered them myself. There are several variations of the Yellow Eyed bean. The taste, appearance of the plant,and grow habits of the southern pea and the bean are quite different. Both can be used as either shellies or dried.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Eyed Pea

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Farmerdilla, thanks for the reply. These have a white eye surrounded by a more brown than yellow color on about a third of the bean, the rest creamy white. They look just like the pictures of the Steuben's Yellow Eye from the seed vendors. I tend to think that's what they are. I've never seen them down here in the grocery or seed stores. I've got a little space in the garden so I think I'll plant a short double row just to see what they do. If they make I'll use'em as a dry bean. It'll be fun to play around with anyway!!
By the way, the Big Boy's you recommended on another thread are doin' good and I'm lookin' forward to eatin'em later this summer.

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Good show: You will know as soon as they come up, whether it is a pea or a bean. Foliage is quite different.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Yellow Eye beans are mostly used in the dry form. They are the preferred bean in certain localities of New England, especially Maine, for making baked beans. They are easy to find in grocery stores here in Massachusetts.


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Thanks Jim, The label on these said "Yellow Eye Peas" but the size is more along the line of a Pinto bean. May be a Southern thing in calling them 'Peas';) These came from a grocery in North Carolina. I planted a couple of short rows of them yesterday just to see what they will do down here. They are a pretty bean and I hope they make.
What did you decide to plant this year in the way of Southern Peas? I've got Black Crowders, Zipper Cream, Calico Crowders, Big Boy and some Red Ripper in with my corn(which ain't doin' good).

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jimster(z7a MA)

No cowpeas for me this year. My garden is a plot in a community garden and the entire plot is being used for a three sisters garden this year. I had to do it just once.

Next year I will go back to a diversified garden and my cowpeas will Calico Crowders.


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Thanks Jimster, good luck with the three sisters!!

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