Budget lights for Plumeria cuttings in PNW

Saycats(8)April 17, 2012

After finding my way over here from the Plumeria forum and doing some research, it seems like a compact fluorescent light setup might be the most practical for my small apartment/dorm, and my budget - I'll have 5 plumie cuttings that I'm going to be starting rooting this weekend, and I'm on a college budget, so I'm looking for the most economical, yet effective solution I can find. I wonder if one such lamp (a CFL with reflector fixture, or small shoplight with 2 bulbs) might be sufficient for all 5 if I group their pots together and place the lamp close to the tops? I do also have one of those clamp-on work spotlights that can take a small grow light bulb as well to supplement - I can try them in my window, but it doesn't seem like I get strong enough light, or strong light for enough of the day, for them to do well there (all windows are facing East).

I was also wondering if I need to really be so concerned about light before they've even rooted yet, or if they might do just fine with a heating mat and whatever light coming in from my window until I can afford some nicer lighting setup after a bit?

Thanks in advance for any advice! :)

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Root in low light then increase it.

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