Need advice on indoor lights

ccabal(7)May 18, 2013

We're wanting to grow a few herbs in our kitchen window sill, but unfortunately it doesn't get nearly enough light, and the plants we have tried have gotten really leggy and died off. So I want to see what options we have for indoor lighting. I would like a small grow light I could hang above the plants in the window sill, something that doesn't look ugly, and doesn't use lots of electricity. I read a little about the new LED grow lights. Do you guys think these would work? Any recommendations?

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Absolutely! Go and buy some 60 watt plant growing bulbs.... Usually at Walmart or they also sell 24 inch under cabinet fluorescent type grow lights at Wally World as well. With that one it is simple. All you do is put 2 screws in the top part of the window or cabinet which hold the portable grow light perpendicular up against it and then just plug in and that's it! This one says 74 watt output and uses 17 watts of energy. It really does not get easier than this. I would take a pic and show you but I don't know if I can give an email address. Good luck!

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