soybean plants but no bean

julieann_growJune 10, 2009

I have some really healthy looking soybean plants full of pods, but no bean inside! What happened? I think I planted Misono.

Also, what is the best tasting variety of edamame? I've planted edamame before but it was "furry". I'd like a smooth bean.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Furry??? Hopefully you mean the pods, which are not eaten; the beans are popped out with a squeeze after cooking.

Soybeans can take a long time to produce, much longer than string beans... often 80-90 days. Looking at my records, most of my soybeans bloomed somewhere around 45-55 days. The flowers & pods are very tiny at first, so they can be hard to see. My observations were for Maturity Group II & below, which are adapted for my Northern latitudes. Soybeans are daylength sensitive, so they might perform differently in SoCal.

If you haven't seen flowers in 60 days after sowing, and the leaf cover is heavy, my first suspicion would be excess nitrogen in the soil. If you have been having cooler than normal temperatures (as many have this year) that could also be responsible, since soybeans are a warm-weather crop.

The tastiest varieties I have grown so far were "Karikachi 3", "Hatsutaka", and "Tengamine", all from Sakate Seed Company in Japan. Hard to find here commercially. "Oosodefuri" (also from Sakate) is carried by Peace Seeds, and has been my highest yielder. The best tasting that I've tried from U.S. companies were "Butterbean" (from Johnny's) and "Shirofumi" (from SSE).

In your neck of the woods, you might want to try the varieties carried by Kitazawa. They could be better adapted to your climate than the varieties bred for short seasons.

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jimster(z7a MA)

I've never had an edamame pod that wasn't furry.


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Thanks for the varieties list...sounds good.

The plants actually do have pods, but they are empty. Is that normal and I should just let them fill out? (it that is the case, then very different from green beans).

I suspect excess nitrogen. The other nutrient levels are fine.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

If you have pods, you should get beans. Edamame soybean pods take a very long time to fill out, about 45-50 days.

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