cmh and hps bulbs

tflintonMay 29, 2008

I recently purchased a Ceramic Metal Halide bulb and compared it with the HPS bulb I have, in the course of two weeks, one week with each i'm amazed at how well the CMH bulb did.

I bought one of the Philips MasterColor 400W bulb, under a 5x5 grow area with cucumbers, jalapenos, bell peppers, habaneros, 5 tomato plants i now have all of them fruiting and in one week i've seen 2 inch's of growth on my bell pepper plant!

This bulb is truly one of the best things i've ever found for growing, the HPS bulb actually caused my habaneros to begin to wilt and leaves fall off, the next week when I put on the CMH bulb the whole thing not only grew about a half an inch it put off new bottom leaves!

I truly believe this is probably the best grow light period.

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Where do you get this lamp from, what ballast do you use for it, and what kind of reflector do you prefer. Sativa.

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get your bulb from
any magnetic HPS ballast will work electronic/digital does not work.

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What is a good supplier in the US for GE CMH? I'd like to set up a nice CMH garden. Is the GE Ultra Max ballast available from discounters like ebay or HTG? A regular HPS ballast is just a bit over a $100. Sativa.

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I just bought my philips cmh from advanced tech lighting (see link below). I'm sure you can also find some on eBay, i've never seen the GE bulbs, but if they have better lumens output i'd go with that.

The only problem I have right now is dealing with 100 degree heat outside with a 400 watt ballast running indoors.... my house feels like an inferno right now.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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