Which is your favorite lily, and why?

d_giffin(5)June 24, 2008

I thought it might be fun to post this message so we can all learn a little bit more about each other, and our love for this most beautiful flower! :o)

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Whichever ones are in bloom! I can't pick just one, but there are some that I really look forward to seeing each year. Mrs. R.O. Backhouse,cause it's one of the first, White Butterflies, it blooms for such a long time, Black Beauty & Scheherezade, the depth of color, Pink Perfection, the name says it all and it looks so great with my veronicastrum. Then there's Casa Rosa, such a lovely pink. Gran Paradiso is just so brilliant. I could keep going but it's time for bed.

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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

I just planted my first lilies last year, but so far my overall faves have been the rubrum lilies because of their delicate appearance and variation in coloring. Oh, and the sweet, lovely fragrance.

Probably the star performers in my garden so far have been the leucanthums, Easter lilies, and Tiny Ghost asiatic. All have tremendous garden presence and have multiplied well. Lots of compliments on all those. I just bought a potted Gerrit Zalm, and I love it now that it's bloomed. Not so much green as yellowy chartreuse, though... Hoping for good things from it performance-wise, being that it's a longiflorum/asiatic cross.

Happy to hear great reports on White Butterflies, since I just planted some of those this spring.

Good thread - I hope more post.

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For Asiatics I love my Crimson Pixies. Mainly because I've had them for years and they are beautiful when they are all in bloom. I planted a mix of 20 Asiatic Lilies this spring and can't wait till they start blooming. I'm anxious to see what colors I have.

For Orientals right now it is Celebrity because it was the only Oriental I had until this spring. Hoping my new Stargazer or Lovely Girl will surpass Celebrity.

Can you tell I'm a newbie to Lilies. I'll be posting lots of pics once my new Asiatics start blooming. They have buds so it is only a matter of time.


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Some of my favorites:

Asiatic 'Black Out'. The best red I've ever seen.

Asiatic 'Matrix'. Great dwarf Lily, very bold color.

LA Lily 'Party Diamond'. Strong stems, great substance.

I LOVE Orienpets! Strong growers, fantastic color combinations!

Orienpets 'Orania' and 'Satisfaction'

I was very impressed with 'Orania'. First year plant, more than 5' tall with lots of flowers!

OT 'Shocking'

OT 'Zagora'

LO Lily 'Triumphator'

Trumpet 'African Queen'

Last year pictures of some Orientals I love:

'Maru'. Fantastic dwarf Oriental, stunning color

'Rosy Dawn'. Great substance

Sorry, some of the dates on pictures are off...

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

Kiss Me Kate is so pretty to me! I don't have many but I love that one!

Thanks for the pics!

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A couple of Orientals I really like:
This 'Muscadet' was planted for me in the pot with Camellia by some squirrel :o)

Oriental Lily 'Giallisa'. Last year deer ate all buds on it, so I did not see the blooms. It is an unusual color combination for Orientals:

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WOW, great photos everyone ... nice to see !


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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

Your lilies are beautiful. I especially love Orania and Giallisa!

I just got my first Orienpet bloom this year, Radiance. It was a mislabel - supposed to be Midnight strain trumpet, but I was really impressed with the size and substance, so I'm not unhappy. I also got a potted LA hybrid, Gerrit Zalm, and loved it. Big plans to get more hybrids this fall...I think Orania is gonna have to be on my list.

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Thanks Robinia,
I got my 'Orania' from Brent & Becky's end-of-season sale. Fantastic bulbs for fantastic price. First, I was hesitant to buy them (they look boring on pictures), but now I am so happy with their performance! The longest bloom time so far.
I am dissapointed with Orienpet 'Satisfaction' (see my first picture). They fade so badly to ugly muddy color...
I would've had more "favorites" this year, but deer destroyed so many plants in my garden :( I am trying to get flowers on my 'Miss Lucy' for the third year in a row. First year she was too small to bloom, last year and this year darn deer ate her buds... They also ate 'Purple Prince' which is new for me this year. It had such strong stems and big buds... I am so mad...
Be careful Robinia - Lilies might be even more addictive than Clematis :o) 'Radiance' and 'Gerrit Zalm' are very distinctive, congratulations on your new babies!

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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

Thanks. I've been studying ahead for my fall orders (incl. B&B's), and you are right - lilies are truly spectacular plants. It's WAY too easy to get addicted to them. They make a huge impression, and it seems like not many people grow them around here. I'm finding a billion little places here and there to pop them in. And branching out in my tastes.

I just fell in love with Gerrit Zalm. I really didn't care as much for Asiatics at first, but this one is tall and statuesque, with a purity of color that I just love. Radiance is a pretty strong raspberry color. And huge. Definitely eyecatching. Everyone loved it, but I kind of like the more subtle ones better.

Sorry about your deer damage. I lost quite a few too this spring - kids, dogs, and hubby accidentally stomping emerging stalks. That's the bad thing about lilies. They are pretty vulnerable. Makes them seem like precious jewels to me...

Have fun in the approaching fall season planting all your rare new clems, and browsing the bulb sales!

- robinia

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I love my new Black Beauty from oldhousegardens.com. It's supposed to get huge and multiply, just have 3 going. They look just like in their photo.

I also loved my new Red Velvet, daughter mowed over one, hope it comes back.

Both face downwards so to get a photo I'm going to lie on my back until BB gets taller.

I have high hopes for Color Parade, just planted late spring, not very tall yet, but several have one bud on them, planted 15, was going to give 3 away but couldn't connect so ordered her some more. It will be awhile before they bloom, anxious to see if the color is right. Then have to enrich the soil as best I can B4 winter, scratch in some bone meal in the fall, compost/mulch, and sprinkle with diluted kelp solution now and then.

The CP's I thought were goners because I kept them in the fridge for awhile, then by the time I planted some had green mold and some bulblets had turned black. I scratched out the rot (probably should have dealt with that better), and they all came up anyway and fast.

I really like my others, too, especially the Stargazers. The only one I was underwhelmed by was Mrs. R. O. Backhouse but will see what it does in another year. Cute though. My Aubade I wanted more yellow down the centers so am a little disappointed with that one. I like Black Dragon better than my Regals but have no sunny place for any more right now.

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