Cascadian Sugar Snap Pea - Dying

limbuspink(8)June 10, 2013

I've planted about 5 sugar snap peas in different pots away from each other. One of them developed brown spots, yellowing leaves and is on its way to dying. The others are thriving. A little yellowing on the bottom leaves, but otherwise, lively and producing peas.

Several questions:

-Is it a virus?
-Can I eat the peas that it has been able to produce?
-Will it spread to other pots? How does the virus spread?
-Can I replant dill in the same pot/soil? (low on soil right now, so would like to just yank out the old and put some dill in there. Or is the virus universal to all plants and I would have to bleach the pot?

Thank you!

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Eating the peas should be fine. Depending on where you are and your temps, the pea plant may just have reached the end of its life cycle and not have a disease. Peas don't like heat or being too wet or dry. I'm in middle GA and my peas are dying back because it is past season for them.

I'd go ahead and plant dill in the pot after a good turning of the soil to loosen it up. Happy gardening!

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Thanks Cindy! Appreciate it!

Happy gardening to you too!

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