Lilium Scheherazade?

csrliz(5/Ohio)June 9, 2006

Has anybody grown these? Are thry truly a rebloomer? I don't want to pay the price if it's not.


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi csrliz,

Unlike daylilies there are no reblooming lilium (true lilies). Some lilies have a higher bud count than others and hence a longer bloom season. This is my first year growing Scheherezade so I can't give you specific info. on it yet. But, it is widely reported to have a large number of buds.

Also, if you are buying them now it's late to be spring planting lilies. Unless you get a good sale you might want to wait for the Fall.


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Well, I ran aross this ad, and it says specifically it is a rebloomer. I just want to see if it's true. Yes, I would wait till fall to get them and plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lillies

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BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)

I think they might be using the term "reblooming" loosely. What they probably should say is that it produces many buds, which extend the blooming season for this one (what Helen said). In all of my perusing the web looking at various lilies I've yet to come across one that reblooms the same season.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi again csrliz,
If you read the "fine print" of Wayside Gardens description they are describing a lily with a lot of buds, "new buds keep arising as the first flowers are picked or fade!". This is the general behavior of trumpet lilies. You get a sort of pyramid of buds with the earlier (larger) ones at the bottom blooming first and the ones at the tip getting large later and blooming last. I have a lilium Regale with 25 buds on it - and this is only its second year. Scheherezade is an Oriental X Trumpet hybrid.

I haven't ever ordered from Wayside, but I have to wonder. Either they aren't knowledgeable about lilies or they're overdoing the "salesmanship".

More importantly their price is twice what it should be! The Lily Garden sells Scheherezade for only $5.50 each or 3/$15.00 and Judith Freeman (the owner) is the person responsible for hybridizing Scheherezade.

I'd call to make sure her "anniversary special" will still be available for Fall shipping. If not, at this price (and knowing the quality of her bulbs) I might plant some now.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scheherezade

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Thanks for the response, and the link. I printed an order form up, and will call them on Monday to see what the price will be.I think they're gorgeous lillies, whether they rebloom or not. It's such a shame lillies only bloom once. I've got some ready to pop now, and I know I have to enjoy them while they last........

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I emailed them, and the price is NOT going up for the fall 2006 crop. Yayyy!!!

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi again csrliz,

You're getting even a better deal then it seems since Lily Garden bulbs are larger than most others and are freshly dug. It should grow great for you in the Spring.

I need to thank you also. When I checked your Wayside Garden Link I found the L. Formosanum I was looking for on an "end of season sale". (Most places had the shorter "v. pricei" variety and/or were very expensive). Within a week or two, the spring shipping was over and the regular Fall prices were up.

The bulbs came in VERY small pots (smaller than many of the bulbs I get) and being late in the season were VERY rootbound. But I've got them repotted and they appear to be doing OK.

L. Formosanum is the very last lily to bloom so I wanted them for a "last hurrah" for the season. I tried to grow them from seed this spring but they didn't germinate (I'll try again with other seed). Formosa lilies are not very cold hardy and while my zone is OK for them, they might need replenishing if we have a hard winter.

Thanks again! :)

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Those are very pretty, and it says zones 5-9, so you should be ok.
Good luck, post a pic when they bloom :)

I ordered these today, and I'm gonna go ahead and plant them when I get them, cause I can't hold them till next spring.(I love Calla Lilies,too).

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