Ordered from Schreinersgardens?

ladyrose65August 2, 2014

I am finally ordering bearded irises from iris retailer than from HD.
Have any of you ordered from them? It was hard to choose, they were all so pretty.
I chose: Dee Dark Secret, Jazz Me Blue, Uncle Charlie, Kaligzam and few others.

Will their rhizomes be same as HD or larger?

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Nancy zone 6

I've not ordered from them, but I remember photos on this forum showing rhizomes people had received from them. I understand they aren't the cheapest place to order from, but the rhizomes are huge & generous. I think everyone has been happy with the plants they got. Congratulations, be sure & show photos next spring. I'm not familiar with some of these.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I have ordered from them for many years! They are The BEST. You wont be disappointed.

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Thank You for your responses.

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Schreinersgardens.com they are having a sale on their irises. Ex. $12.00 plants are now $7.00 or $6.25.

They carry beautiful plants.

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If HD stands for Home Depot..you will be blown away by the difference. Yes they are a bit higher but they are professionals in the Iris world.. and you get what you pay for. That's for sure

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bear_with_me(8 Pacific NW)

I have been very happy with orders from Schreiner's for many years. The rhizomes have been big, and many of them bloom the following Spring. Unlike some other iris sources, they are true to the variety and have been free of disease.

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I,ve ordered from them for years as well. They are the best. They send huge healthy iris that have allways been true to type. The only negative thing that I can say about them is that the colors in their pics haven,t always been spot on but they have been getting better at that the last few years.

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

What about Nola's Iris Garden (walking-p-bar.com) and Aitken's Salmon Creek Gardens? I almost ordered from them, but when hubby saw the bottom lines, he balked. Maybe next year I can try asking again, or be more patient for trades . . . but there's so many iris I want! Iris lust!!!!!!! I really wanted "Beam Me Up Scotty" from Aitken's, and a few other sci-fi named iris!!! I'm trying to start a sci-fi garden, and there are tons of Star Trek and other sci-fi shows/books named iris and daylilies! What made it bad was that I really wanted only two iris - "Beam Me Up Scotty" from Aitken's and "Battle Star" from Nola's, there were other sci-fi ones I wanted, but those two were my "MUST HAVE." But there are minimum purchases, and the shipping is so expensive, I had a little over $80 worth of irises in two carts, and my husband isn't as thrilled as I am about having a yard full of irises! His thing is the Pampas grass - I have to rein him in on trying to put Pampas grass everywhere . . . I don't love it. Too many razor cuts on my arms and legs - and we haven't even been in our house a full year!!! So anyhow . . . I haven't ever bought iris online. I did buy "Mystic Muse" from Meijer on clearance while grocery shopping this summer, can't wait to see it bloom, along with the other unnamed iris I got in a trade. I moved into this house that is surrounded by clumps of yellow and brown iris . . . yellow and brown . . . I couldn't believe it, but now I like them and I'm grateful I had something. They look lovely in the setting sun. Monet planted yellows, reds, and browns on his west side in Giverny to catch the evening sun, smart man. Mine are in the west, too. I'll stop typing now. I just love this - trading and connecting with other gardeners!

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Here in California the pampas grass is an invasive weed. I've always called that pampas ass... Many years ago i was taking a train from London to Kew Gardens and noticed that a large percentage of houses had a little circle in the middle of their front lawns with a nice plant of pampas grass... Apparently, not invasive in colder climates... but still razor sharp.

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

I don't particularly like pampas grass, or have to have it, but it was here at the house in abundance and my husband loves it, so it stays . . . I would just as soon burn it and plant pink muhly grass or something native . . .
I did order some more iris! I love clearances - I'm a clearance shopper, for sure. From Gurney's I got "Ziggy," "Rockstar," and "Decadence," because I thought they would look good together and in my mind it's theme . . . I love Queen and David Bowie, in addition to Star Trek . . . I want to get "Beam Me Up Scotty" to go with the "Starship Enterprise" iris I bought this year!!!! I'm excited and can't wait to see them bloom for the first time! Actually, I just can't wait until they arrive on my doorstep!!!

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