Dimension lilies - LA or Asiatic?

JulietlovespurpleJune 19, 2013

So I bought some Dimension lilies this year, and I've seen them listed as both LA and Asiatic online! They appear to be set to bloom later than my Asiatic Black Out lilies, at least as far as their bud size looks, so maybe LA? Sorry for the very basic question! Thanks!

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I bought a pot of Dimension today, and they were listed as LA.

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As far as I know Dimensions are Asiatics. Check out the Lily Nook in Manitoba website-a very well respected lily seller and breeder.

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Eek! See, this is what I mean? :)

Thanks for the tip swontgirl_z5a.

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Yes there is much confusion over lilies once they get into mass production.
I have read on this forum that some people have trouble with their Dimension not coming back.
Here is my Dimension in it's first year 2011 - 3 single bulbs. This year it is a huge clump.

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Did you do anything special for them, or were they just good bulbs? Mine are really pretty right now. I'd like if they came back next year, but I too have read the posts about them here.

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I know they were good bulbs from the Lily nook. We have had dry winters the last couple of years-dry summers too but that is over this year!
I find my bulbs-including lilies, tulips etc all multiply like crazy when we have a mild dry winter. Bulbs don't like to be wet especially when they aren't growing. Most of mine are in raised beds. I have a few in what used to be my vegetable garden and that end of it sits in water some times. They have done nothing special and several are down to one bulb. So... good drainage seems to be the key around here-no sitting in wet soil. A few that get too much shade have also not multiplied as quickly. The martagons are good for shade but others just seem to reach and reach for the sun.

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