Green beans producing, but very short plants

jpc57June 17, 2014

I am stumped about my green beans this year; they usually grow to about 2 feet or so but this year are very short; about 8-9 inches. The plants have mature green beans, just not very many of them. We had a cool, wet spring. Plants are planted in full sun. Blue Lake variety.

I'm in coastal Virginia, not far from the Chesapeake Bay. Plants are in a raised bed, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. I do amend the soil with compost--should I add compost to top dress?

I'm thinking of planting a second batch, but will have to sacrifice the eggplant seedlings. Any idea what could stunt the growth of the green beans plants, so that I can correct any problems with the second planting?

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Beans are weak nitrogen producers. Based on your description, it is likely they are nitrogen deficient. There are other possibilities such as nematodes, etc.

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dlsm(Z9b Titusville Fl)

They need some type of fertilizer. You live close to the coast and the soil just don't have the elements needed for growth.


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I was having the same problem!!! Did a home soil test and came out that I was very low in NPK added fertilizer and some of them pulled threw and started looking great. Now they are looking weak again so I fert. again today. So I would say you need to fert. But mine that went a long time with out me fertilizing never did grow much taller than 7 in. but luckily I realized what was going on in time and the 2nd secession I planted came threw

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Same issue here with same variety up in southern maine. A few others I know same thing same variety. Not good year for them?

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