HELP Pinching young pplants???

connie1946(4)May 3, 2009

Do ALL young annual flower plants require pinching in order to branch out? Is it enough to pinch off the youngest tiny set of leaves...or do I have to wait until there is some stem beneath the leaf to pinch?

This probably sounds like a crazy question but are Morning Glories supposed to be pinched back? many sets of leaves should be on the young plant before you pinch it?

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I don't know the answers to all those questions but can tell you the way I do it. If it looks like a plant is growing too stick-like and not bushy enough for my tastes I'll pinch out the middle right above the side-growth.

If a plant isn't showing any side growth often doing this will trigger it, but it could just kill the plant. Make sure you pinch off above a leaf node, since that's where the new growth will come from.

I also find that doing this between nitrogen-rich feedings helps keep things growing strong.

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