Lime Tree Lights problem

iamabeefcakeMay 1, 2011

I just received a Key Lime Tree about 2 1/2 feet tall as a present. I live in an apartment with windows that will only allow about 4 hours top of direct sun light each day and don't have anywhere to place it outside in the summertime. Clearly artifical lighting is the only option I have right now. My question is where do I go from here, in terms of proper lights?

On a side note I can't hang anything from my ceiling and don't have the room for an elaberate setup.

Here are some pictures of my tree and the space that it's in.

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Nice tree. You could make a stand to hang lights from so you dont have to make holes in the cieling. Then for the lighting you should use a hps or mh to see real results.

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