Caving in to the HID's...

brkieffner(5B)May 7, 2012

Okay so after some extensive research not to mention some testing of my own I think I'm caving in to getting some HID's. I plan to set it up in my basement which is probably about a 20x12-15 (roughly) room. I'm thinking of having an 8x8 area to grow my plants with 4-400w HID MH/HPS Convertible lights. Is this overkill? With the room that big would I need to find a way to keep the room cool by buying anything? I imagine in the winter time I'll need a space heater for when the lights are off although the furnace is down there as well.

Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Although the cost to setup will be somewhat high I plan to purchase one thing at a time and when everything is all together set it up. Any help is appreciated in what I should do. Thanks!

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That is a huge indoor growing space, and 8x8 is a dimension that will be hard to maintain. Better to do 4' wide rows so you can reach the plants more easily for maintenance. Most likely you will need a lot of cooling and ventilation. You will need to provide fresh air or C02 as that much growing space will use up CO2 pretty quickly. Also, make sure you have enough circuits for all the lights, fans, ventilation and air conditioning you will require. Hard to say if you'll need heat in winter, as ventilation would likely bring cold air in, and it's a guess if the lights will balance that out. Too many factors to guess. A heat exchanger system for ventilation is the best bet, but could be costly up front.

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