done blooming

jeannejeanie(7 long island)June 30, 2007

my asiastics are done blooming & my mom in law said i should cut the tops off so they don't seed. i've never done this. what are the pros & cons? i've had these lilies for 6 yrs have i been deliquent in my mommy lily duties? thanks jeannie

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Cutting off the "candelabra" after blooming assists the feeding and refreshing of the bulb for next season... as opposed to expending much of the energy in producing seeds.

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I'd like to know how much of the top needs to be cut off after blooming is done..I just got some on clearance too and they are very healthy lush green folliage, but no flowers of course.

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Cut it off just below where the flowers were attached or, if you prefer, just the little "arms" where the flowers were attached. You can see the seeds starting to form on the ends of the arms. The more stem you cut down now, the less energy the bulb has for next season. In the fall, when the stem is brown and woody you can cut it all the way down.

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I always just pop off the seed pod that begins to form. It easily snaps off.

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