Using filters to get desired light color.

SatireDaemonMay 16, 2013

I'm having trouble finding Colored LED or CFL's to use for my plants. I searched the web and found others using purple, blue or red lights. Now I'm wondering if I can take an ordinary CFL and use a transparent colored plastic as filter or gel (like what film makers do with their lighting) so that I can get the red, purple, and blue lights, or do I really have to buy bulbs manufactured to emit those colors?

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Using filters would be a waste of time and not help your plants unless you are aiming for the look of colored lights on your plants. If you use a daylight cfl bulb your plants will use certain wavelengths of blue and red for photosynthesis and the other wavelengths will have no effect. I'm currently having good results with using 40 watt Feit Ecobulb Daylight 2800K cfl bulbs and in the past I had good results using 4 ft shop lights with 1 warm white and 1 cool white bulb, or two of the GE Sunlight tubes that come in an orange sleeve with yellow lettering.

I had good results with fixtures shown in the link that cost $29 to build including the bulbs.

And you can get a ready made Hydrofarm cfl grow lamp for around $42 on Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheap fixtures.

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