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office_mushroomMay 2, 2007

Currently I work in an office with wonderful sunshine - my office plants are very happy. Sadly I'm being moved to an office without a window - or any ambient light. I need a simple setup that I can use in this office to keep my Christmas cactus, spider plant and Arrowhead Philodendron alive.

Suggestions please?

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Have a rotational system.
Take plants home to get some light after they have been in the dark for a couple of weeks.


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Sadly rotational isn't really an option... First of all part of the reason they are at work is because I didn't have space at home (the cactus being the first given to me without a place to put it). The other issue is the simple act of transporting - especially in Winter.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

They're all fairly low light plants. They should be happy enough fairly close to a fluorescent tube, or several, depending on size.

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