Differentiating between peas-Rookie mistake!

scartyBEEvensJune 8, 2013

Hello there! This is my first year as a veggie-gardener. Back in March I planted Burpee shelling peas and snap peas. Like a rookie, I was certain I'd remember which kind of pea I planted in which bed...BUT that was not the case.

Right now, one bed of pea plants are about 4' tall, the others are maybe 2.5'-3' tall. Both are blossoming, and one bed has produced peas. They look an awful lot like snap peas, but is there a sure-fire way to tell if they are going to grow into shelling peas? From my other research it seems like all peas start out looking like little snap peas. Thanks for your help!

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When you eat a whole pod of mature snap peas, the pod walls are not fibrous. Eat a shelling pea pod and peas - taste is still delicious! - but you end up with a mouth full of fibre from the pods.

Yes very young shelling peas can be eaten as snow peas, because this fibre only develops when the peas inside the pod develop, but as soon as the pods are a little more mature, it becomes very obvious which type is which.

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Make a diagram of your veggie garden when planting each year so you can remember.

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