Will my 3 bean varieties cross on cornstalks?

avajayJune 29, 2009

I have 3 legumes already started indoors that I want to plant in some space I have where I currently have sweet corn growing. I have some cowpeas (crowder) and lima. Both of these are unknown variety, I purchased them in bulk from local greenhouse/supply. I also have pole snap beans (Burpee, Kentucky Wonder). I understand that the limas are pole beans, and that the cowpeas are bush. So, I have 2 questions...1)Will my corn be OK as poles for the polebeans (they're already showing silk and tiny ears, they should be done before beans get heavy), and 2) if I get my cowpeas in that same garden bed (I really don't want to have to dig any more than I have already), will any of these beans cross? I don't plan on saving seeds, so is that the only issue folks have about worrying about crossing, or does taste of current crop come into play as well? Moot point? Will they not cross anyway?

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jimster(z7a MA)

For two reasons, you are unlikely to get crosses.

First, beans are self pollinating and don't often crosspolinate.

Second, different species of beans such as limas (P. lunatus) , runners (P. coccineus), common beans (P. vulgarus) and cowpeas (P. vigna). do not cross.


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