Oriental Lily in Acidic Soil

hydrangeasnohio(6a)June 23, 2012

I have Oriental Lilies growing in every bed of my yard. They all due great except for one spot out front. Where of course I am trying to keep the same look from side to side. The first year the lilies do ok and bloom. Then always the 2nd year they come up looking good and develop buds. But as summer comes along the buds always fall off and the foliage starts to get what I would call yellow stripes in it. Then it eventually browns out mid summer. I am on my 3rd Lily here now and decided to test the PH after planting. The PH was 4 & I tested on the other side of the bed where the Lily is doing great and it was slightly over 6. Along with testing a few other spots around the yard where lilies are doing great and all tested between 6-6.5. So I am assuming I figured out my problem and took a hand rake a lightly raked up the top 1/2 inch of soil and applied lime pellets in a 3 foot circle around the Lily till I couldnt see much soil. I used to have a problem with a neighbors cat doing his business in this bed and is my best guess why it is so locally acidic.

So my questions are am I right in thinking the acidic soil is my problem? Should I rake or dig deeper to apply the lime, because I am worried the lime is running off? The bed slopes forward and you can see alot of lime ran out that way. How often should I test and apply lime? My PH tester has a 12inch stake & I stuck it down about 10inches. Cant help to wonder how long the lime will take to get down that deep? Or is my best bet to dig up that circle and buy new soil? Tired of them burning out & I am determined to get an Oreintal Lily to grow here....lol...Thank you in advance

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Oriental lilies should do fine in acidic soil according to what is written in books on gardening. Any drainage problems in that place?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Many commercial growers here in the Pacific Northwest where we have acidic soil. That should not be your problem.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmm, well I am baffled then....lol...I dont think I have a drainage problem there. No clay at all, rich black soil that everything in that bed grows great in. Its so weird they come up looking great and fully bud up. Then when it starts to get hot out they start to get yellow stripes in their leaves and all the buds fall off before blooming. Followed by the entire plant burning out. It just makes no sense to me?? Could there be something else wrong in the soil?? Do Oriental Lilies ever get any kind of diseases that the soil could be locally contaminated by?? Maybe the first one I planted there was sick from the grower and gets to the new ones I plant there by the following year?

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