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gardener_at_the_gateJune 13, 2007

Desperate for something attractive to use as ground cover, I've purchased 100 hybrid lily bulbs and now I need to get them in the ground. How closely can I (should I) space them to get maximum coverage in the shortest period of time?

I'm a total garden novice who purchased a home two years ago with a small lawn that has 20 flower beds! I have one bed that is 20 by 40 feet (sun varies, but all parts get a minimum of 4 hours) and another in the shape of a grand piano that is 40 feet deep (full sun from 8 am to 4 pm). And that's only 2 of the 20!

So, your help would be greatly appreciated -- how closely together should I space the bulbs. AND, as long as I'm soliciting advice, how deep should I plant them? The bulbs arrived last night and I can see that they are starting to sprout--they all seem to have an inch or so growth (which will at least make it easy to tell up from down!).

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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The normal planting depth is tip of the bulb itself (not including the new sprout) should be 6" below the surface. And spaced 9-12" apart depending on the size of the bulb. You can plant them slightly closer for a massed look. You don't want to plant them too close together because over time, the bulbs get bigger, and with each passing season you'll get more and more stems and ultimately you'll have to do some dividing.

Once they break the ground and really start to grow, 9-12" apart won't seem so far. Have fun and enjoy them - in any garden, lilies are real show stoppers.

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