Why are Calla lilly (and bulbs) so expensive

steelskies(5)June 9, 2013

I just got interested in these. I think they're so interesting, but they are so expensive. Can anyone suggest the best place to buy the bulbs from. I'm assuming it is too late to plant bulbs now for flowering this summer. I am not familiar with these plants at all. thanks in advance

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I usually just wait for the one ones in the store to go on sale or trade with someone. I'm hoping the ones that survive last year drought will bloom this year.

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I love them too. try some seed. it takes a couple of years, but so much cheaper....and fun..

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Callas right, not cannas?? Callas, Zantedechsia species, are not lilies - they are members of the Aroid family. You might want to check out that forum for additional details.

Colored callas are all hybrids so may not breed true to form from seed.

I'm not sure I understand why you consider these so expensive. They are selling online for $15 for a bag of 5, which in my area is a pretty standard price for most summer flowering bulbs.

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